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Name: Squid Girl
Class: Swimmer ♀
Type: Dark/Psychic
Ability: Shifter
Level: 54

Pokémon Bonded: 25/30

Pokémon Attuned: 5/5

Spitting Ink – Squid Girl can produce ink and spit it out as a form of defense. It’s also apparently delicious as a topping for spaghetti.

Tentacle Hair – Squid Girl’s blue ‘hair’ is actually ten tentacles that are capable of some rather amazing feats of their own. They’re very strong, can extend to great lengths very quickly, and allow her to manipulate many more things at a time than she has hands to carry otherwise.

Bioluminescence – Like a firefly squid, Squid Girl can glow with a soft blue light to find her way when it’s dark outside. She can also modulate the level of light, making it brighter or dimmer at will or even turning it off and on quickly to create a flashing effect.

The above three abilities loosely translate to Octazooka, Constrict, Tickle, and Flash for purposes of moves.  She also learns the normal moves of an Inkay as she levels up, which will be tracked here:

Inkay Moves - Peck, Reflect, Foul Play, Swagger, Psywave, Topsy Turvy, Camouflage, Hypnosis, Psybeam, Switcheroo, Payback, Destiny Bond, Simple Beam, Power Split, Flatter, Light Screen, Pluck, Psycho Cut, Slash, Night Slash, Superpower

Items: Good Rod

Next Week's Levels: Bubbles +4, Sticky +11, Grossface +4, Splotch +4, Tentaclebro +1
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Name: Brantron
Contact Information: [ profile] FullOfBees on Plurk
Time Zone: EST
Characters Played: Jinxie Tenma


Character Name: Squid Girl
Character Canon: Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Here is a wiki link. In case that's not quite enough, here's a few paragraphs I wrote up as well. None of it is all that detailed, considering her canon is pretty silly story of the week, slice of life type fare.

There isn’t really a whole lot of detailed background to give. Squid Girl is, as her name suggests, a squid girl. Which is to say, she is an anthropomorphic, walking, talking girl with all of the amazing powers of a squid. She’s lived in the ocean her entire life doing squid things – swimming around, eating shrimp, escaping from orca whales and sharks, and just generally having a good time in the water.

One day, however, she decides that she’s had it up to here with the way the surface-dwelling humans are treating the ocean, and how they’ve taken its gifts for granted. She’s tired of all the offshore oil rigs and garbage that ends up in her home, and decides that the best thing to do is come ashore and teach humanity a lesson by invading and conquering them.

Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t really work out all that well, for a number of reasons. First off, the entire plan is pretty much just that. Second, she’s incredibly stupid and doesn’t realize how many humans she’d have to conquer, or even what a military is, let alone the fact that she’d have to fight all of them. And third, she’s got all of the amazing attention span of a ten year old girl too and keeps getting distracted by things.

So while her stated goal is to conquer humanity, she really spends just about all of her time hanging out at a beachside café named “Lemon” with two high school girls named Eiko and Chizuru, their little brother Takeru, and a revolving cast of other characters that live near or hang out on the beach. Having accidentally put a hole through the side of the café with her tentacles early on, she now works there trying to earn enough money to pay them back.

Invading is difficult.

AU History:
Squid Girl's in-game history isn't actually all that different from her canon history. She started life as an Inkay living in the oceans near the city of Union, and for reasons unknown gained the ability to assume human form - most likely as an extreme emotional reaction to encountering some trash that had been discarded in the water by some thoughtless human from the city. Coming ashore and making her way to the only obvious bastion of civilization around, she immediately blustered her way straight into Union and began making loud proclamations about how she was going to reconquer their society and teach them all a lesson for disrespecting the oceans. Her initial outburst was actually genuinely noticed and legitimately frightened some people, considering the history of this world, and she was briefly detained by the City Guard for making threats until they quickly discovered that she was a powerless idiot and let her go. Since then, she's basically just moved into Union and lives with a family that felt bad for her and took her in. They give her a small allowance in exchange for helping them out around the house and in a small restaurant they run. She still talks about invading sometimes, but she's pretty distractible, and tends to forget what her original goal was for long spans of time.

Canon Personality:
Most of Squid Girl’s personality can be inferred from the fact that she is, as previously mentioned, an anthropomorphic squid person. The strongest character traits she exhibits are all based on this. She loves the sea above all else, as it’s been her home for the indistinct span of time that encompasses her life, and she would do just about anything to protect it. Having only recently come out of the water for the first time, many things about the surface world confuse her, and she fails to react in what would be a normal way to a lot of other things. For example, she has no idea what a military is when Eiko warns her about the dangers of invading. Also, when she hears what ghosts are, she decides they can’t be scary at all, because why would you be afraid of something you can’t see and that can’t touch you? Clearly sharks and orca whales are a lot more frightening – after all, they’re her natural predators!

The second major thing to keep in mind about Squid Girl’s personality is that she is incredibly stupid and easy to fool. This may be a side effect of having lived in the ocean forever, but it’s a pretty fair bet that she also just doesn’t have a whole lot going on upstairs. She is easily taken in by Takeru’s squid person costume consisting only of a hastily made paper hat with blue streamers on it crafted to look like tentacles, and spends an entire episode dragging him around as if he’s one of her comrades from the sea. Then, when the hat blows off, instead of getting mad at him for disguising himself, she assumes her precious friend is dead and gives the hat a burial at sea.

Squid Girl is also capable of some pretty hardcore paranoia, due to some ridiculous misguided persecution complex about humanity’s reaction to her being an invader. It’s almost never actually true, of course, but she lets her imagination run away with her on an almost constant basis. She tends to feel that Eiko and Chizuru are always secretly plotting against her, and has even organized a few preemptive strikes on occasion, none of which ever turn out well. It’s a pretty fair bet that if she hears people whispering nearby, though, that her first assumption is going to be that they’re discussing what a delicious meal she would make or how they’re going to kill her in horrible ways. Because of this, she has a bit of a hard time making real friends that she can trust. She’ll still hang out with people, but there’s usually an undercurrent feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Above all, nothing makes Squid Girl happier than knowing she is respected and feared. Unfortunately, this happens so very infrequently that she just sort of has to deal with what she can get. If there’s someone nearby getting more attention or affection than she is, she’ll throw a fit and demand to be treated in the same way because she clearly deserves it. This leads to at least one ridiculous misunderstanding in which she is jealous of a dog and ends up collared and leashed literally seconds later. On another occasion, she sees a child having a birthday, and decides that today will be her birthday as well because she wants to blow out the candles. Eventually a girl named Nagisa shows up to work at Lemon, and is immediately terrified of Squid Girl because she sees her tentacles waving around. She has since become Squid Girl’s favorite person, because she’s having what she sees as the appropriate reaction to a mighty invader from the sea such as herself. She’s always really happy around Nagisa, claiming that she’s probably the only person in the whole world who really understands her.

AU Deviation:
Considering Squid Girl wasn't pressed into service in Union the way she was in her original canon, she's even less focused on her original stated goal of invading humanity and conquering it for oceankind, considering there's less for her to feel resentful about. And considering she's not in debt to her host family but instead was taken in out of a sense of pity, she has a bit more experience with human society and is slightly less naive about the world in general. She's also more self-confident since there's no one actively limiting her activities around the city, and also because in this world she was actually taken seriously for a few days instead of being blown off immediately by the people around her. Because of this, the persecution complex mentioned in her personality section above isn't really a factor in her behavior at all. She's still fiercely protective of Water Pokemon and their natural habitats, feeling an obvious kinship with them, but she tends to jump to conclusions about peoples' intentions toward them much less often. She still goes on sometimes about invading when she's frustrated or angry, but is generally more self-aware about it and seems to recognize that she'll never actually try because the humans have been pretty nice to her on the whole and the Pokemon gods clearly think they're all right. As a result, the whole invasion thing has kind of become a big joke that she's in on too.

Canon Abilities:
Squid Girl’s abilities are all based on the fact that she is a squid. This includes the following:

Spitting Ink – Squid Girl can produce ink and spit it out as a form of defense. It’s also apparently delicious as a topping for spaghetti.

Tentacle Hair – Squid Girl’s blue ‘hair’ is actually ten tentacles that are capable of some rather amazing feats of their own. They’re very strong, can extend to great lengths very quickly, and allow her to manipulate many more things at a time than she has hands to carry otherwise.

Bioluminescence – Like a firefly squid, Squid Girl can glow with a soft blue light to find her way when it’s dark outside. She can also modulate the level of light, making it brighter or dimmer at will or even turning it off and on quickly to create a flashing effect.

Variable Weight - The bands Squid Girl wears on her wrists allow her to adjust her weight from anywhere between 0.0005kg to 20,000kg in an instant, enabling her to either plant herself into the ground to the point of nigh immovability, or to glide along with the breeze at her lightest.

Enlightened Abilities:
As a Shifter type Enlightened that started life as an Inkay, Squid Girl has the Dark and Psychic types. To mimic her canon abilities, she will be starting with the moves Constrict, Flash, Octazooka, and Tickle if permissible. Octazooka and Tickle are not normally moves that an Inkay can learn, but I have them here to simulate her ink spitting ability and the fact that she also often uses her tentacles for non-combat purposes.

As Squid Girl gains levels, she will learn the normal attacks that an Inkay would have.

As for an Enhanced Item, I'd like if she could retain an item that works like her bracelets as described above, allowing her to change her weight by physically adjusting the bands themselves.

Starter Pokémon: Tympole

Notes/Special Considerations: Just what I detailed above - if she could start with Octazooka and Tickle as two of her attacks, that's really all.


First-Person: This post from Mayfield should have plenty of comments.

Third-Person: Answering some questions in lieu of a third-person sample!

-What would you say the most important occupation is within Union? Fishermen, definitely. Who else would catch all those delicious Clauncher and Corphish for me to eat?

-What does the story of the Savior mean to you? It means the Pokemon should always be ready to rise up and invade again in case the humans start acting like they own the whole planet again.

-What do you look for in the Pokémon with whom you bond? If they're Water types, then they're fine with me! Unless they want to eat me.

-The gods of old have returned. How would you be judged if you were chosen as a representative of humanity? Why would I be a representative of humanity? I'm an Inkay. If the gods come back to judge the humans, I'll just go back to the ocean and live there!

-A human has attacked a wild Pokémon who retaliates in defense. How do you respond and whom do you defend? I help the Pokemon, of course! The human gets a face full of ink, at the very least. And if they don't stop, then I punish them with my tentacles! Humans need to learn how to respect nature, but some of them never learn unless you beat the lesson into them.

-You are alone and bereft of your Pokémon allies, upon what strengths do you rely on to see yourself safely home? Huhuhu... I rely on all the amazing powers of an Inkay, of course! Ten mighty tentacles, that can stretch the width of whole city streets and lift even the heaviest rocks! Lighting my body up so I can see where I'm going in the dark! Spitting ink into the faces of my enemies so I can beat them up or run away! Uhm... these fin things on my head! Look, I can wiggle them back and forth! ...Shut up, they're awesome, okay!

-What would you say is your greatest duty, and why? To defend the ocean and all the Pokemon living there from overfishing, pollution, and other abuses by the human population of the world. Most Water types can't take human form like I can, so I need to make sure to fight for all of them.

-You plunge into the depths of the Old City. What is it that you seek from the past? Treasure, technology, wisdom? I dunno. Something that would be fun to play with, I guess. It gets pretty boring in Union sometimes.

-When encountering a rare and powerful Pokémon, what is most important? Researching it, bonding with it, or defeating it? Why? Bonding with it! It's important to have lots of loyal followers, after all. You never know when you'll run into a Sharpedo or something that wants to eat you. Imagine how surprised it would be to run into something that's big enough to eat it instead!

-What do you do to ensure we never again awaken the wrath of the gods upon humanity? Me? I don't have to do anything. I was never a human to begin with. If the gods get angry, I'll just go back to the ocean and live there. That's someone else's problem to deal with.

-In your eyes, what is absolutely unforgivable? Disrespecting the ocean and the Pokemon that live there. How far do you think humans would have gotten if they didn't have a big source of clean water? Not very far at all! I don't know why anyone would want to throw trash in the ocean or mess with the Pokemon that have lived there for years and years.
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Squid Girl | [personal profile] moemoetentacles | CHARACTER LVL (1)


► Aqua (Deal low Water damage to one enemy.)
► Hysterical Slap (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage twice with a 10% chance of Rage on one enemy.)
► Malaqua (Deal low Water damage on all enemies.)
► Evil Touch (40% chance of inflicting the Fear ailment on one target.(2 turns))
▷ Aques (Deal medium Water damage to one enemy.)
▷ Rampage (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage up to three times on all enemies.)
▷ Malaques (Deal medium Water damage on all enemies (Requires a small water skill).)
▷ Invasion (Inflicts a medium amount of Physical damage on all enemies with a 10% chance of lowering accuracy by one level.)
★ Tentacle Assault (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage eight times on all enemies.)

► Apt Pupil (Doubles the chance of delivering a Critical Hit.)
▷ Water Amp (Increases Water damage output by 50%.)
▷ Endure (Survive being knocked Unconscious once per battle )

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[Action; outside 462 Stone Street; afternoon]

[Anyone passing by Squid Girl's house may notice a new addition to the back yard.  Right next to the saltwater pond Hajime put there for her (which is now frozen over for the winter), there now stands a wooden structure that should remind anyone of a certain ocean-dwelling troublemaker.  And said ocean-dwelling troublemaker has been sitting inside ever since she opened her regain, periodically coming out to shake her fist at anyone who walks by.]

Yeah, that's right!  Just keep on walking!  This is Squidbase, the official headquarters for my great invasion of the surface world!  And it's way cooler than anybody else's headquarters!  If you try to invade it, you'll be sorry!

[Action; outside 462 Stone Street; evening]

[It's starting to get dark, and Squid Girl has been stubbornly sitting inside Squidbase all day long.  The place doesn't have any electricity or heat, or even a proper floor, so even though she's sheltered from the snow, she's starting to get hungry and cold.  Anyone who passes by at this point might spy her sitting in there shivering, still weakly ranting as her teeth chatter.]

I-I'll never give up this base...
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[Anyone wandering around... well, what used to be some portion of the town, since it's hard to tell now, will find Squid Girl collapsed on the ground having a horrible nervous breakdown.  Her tentacles are limp and lifeless, and she's clutching them desperately in her hands, rubbing at them and shaking them and talking to them.]

H-hey... wake up!

[She jiggles one around.  It flops about unresponsively.]

C'mon, I said wake up!  Move already!

[Nothing.  Her eyes start to well up with tears.]

Why won't they move?  Am... am I dying?
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[Anyone walking past 462 Stone Street today around the time of the turkey delivery may hear the unmistakable sound of shattering glass.  Anyone close enough to see what's going on will witness a Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings come sailing unceremoniously through the front window of the house.]

Take that!  You won't fool me this time!

[Squid Girl is at the window, tentacles waving menacingly through the air as she shakes her fist at her ancient rival from the previous year.  This time she got the jump on it.]
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[Mayfield, you may wish to take note of the 25 foot tall rampaging Squid Girl that's currently plaguing your streets.  It looks like all her newfound largeness has gone to her head.]

[Action 1]

[Squid Girl, now gigantic, is standing in the center of town, arms on her hips as she proudly makes her latest proclamation to the town.]

Attention, Mayfield!  Too long have the concerns of oceankind been ignored by the humans!  But that ends today!  Now I'm the biggest kid on the block, and this time you'll have to listen to me!  Renounce your evil ways and pledge to clean up the oceans when you all go home, or you'll have to answer to me!

[Action 2]

[Man, being huge is fun!  You can do whatever you want!  Including picking people up with appropriately scaled-up giant tentacles and menacing them.  Are you Squid Girl's latest victim?  She's not going to kill or even hurt anyone, but she's definitely not above freaking people out a little bit to get her message across.]

[Action 3]

[Squid Girl is wandering around town, this time looking excited rather than serious.  It seems she's completely forgotten about her earlier agenda, and is now pursuing something entirely more stupid.]

Hey!  Mart!  Where are you?  Are you huge too?

[She calls out loudly as she walks through town, not really paying much attention to whose cars or whatever she might happen to be stepping on.]

Does anybody have a video camera?  Let's film a monster movie!  We can do Giant Squid vs. Giant Shark for real this time!
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[Action; in and around 452 Stone Street]

[For anyone living on, hanging out near, or walking down Stone Street today - there is something happening on at 452 Stone Street that you may wish to investigate.  The windows to the house are open, and the sound of a small explosion rings through the air, followed by the surprised and panicked scream of a certain little squid-child.  There is now black smoke billowing out of the living room window, and the sound of coughing.  After a few seconds, Squid Girl's head pops out of the window as she tries to get some fresh air into her lungs.]

Aaaaaahhhhh... what's wrong with that stupid thing!
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So, um... I have a question.


What does 'tentacle porn' mean?
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[It's such a lovely day for fireworks and 4th of July celebrations today!  And a certain little Squid Minamimoto down on Stone Street just can't contain her excitement.  After all, she's lived in Mayfield her whole life and the Indpendence Day celebrations have always been one of her favorite things to do with her family.  Ever since she was a little girl, she was mesmerized by the flashing lights in the sky.]

[Action; 452 Stone Street]

[Squid comes running into her parents' bedroom at the crack of dawn, jumping onto the foot of their bed and bouncing up and down excitedly.]

Come on, come on, come on!  Get up, get up, get up!  It's the 4th of July!  We have to go hot dogs and watch swimming and grill fireworks and stuff!

[Yup, so excited that she can't even form coherent sentences.]

[Action; outside 452 Stone]

[After waking her parents up and eating a big healthy breakfast of bacon and eggs, Squid's running around her front yard with two handfuls of lit sparklers.  Looks like she can't even wait for the sun to start going down before she starts celebrating things.  Unfortunately, she's kind of clumsy, so if you're walking by the house, she may trip into you.  If you're really unlucky, you might get hit with a lit sparkler while she does so.  Whoops!

A little bit later on, when she's done with that, she can be found sitting on her front porch with a plate full of delicious 4th of July cuisine - not the typical 'giant pile of raw shrimp' her friends would be used to seeing her eat, but rather a cheeseburger, a hot dog covered in ketchup, a heaping helping of potato salad, and a nice cool can of Coca-Cola to wash it all down.]

[Phone; unfiltered]

Hey, does anybody want to go swimming with me?  It's just not the 4th of July without swimming!  Mr. and Mrs. Honda?  Gilgamesh?  Are you busy today?

[Action; evening; fireworks display]

[It's evening, and Mayfield's big yearly fireworks display has started.  Squid got there hours early to get the best seat, and is now just staring upward, eyes sparkling as brightly as the shapes exploding across the sky.  During particularly big, colorful, or otherwise impressive displays, she actually jumps up out of her seat and pumps her fists in the air, cheering.]

Wow!  That was awesome!
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[It's Father's Day, and look who gives no fucks.  Squid Girl is in the back yard of 452 Stone Street today with a pile of lumber, a hammer, and a bunch of nails, trying to put together her glorious Squidbase.  Agatha promised her she could have her own TV out here, after all, so that pretty much sealed the deal.  Of course, if any guys happen to come by and ask her any favors, she'll have to comply, but as of yet she hasn't really noticed anything is wrong.  She'll be out here for most of the day, though.]

1. [Squid Girl is standing in front of the pile of lumber, holding a hammer and looking rather confused about how to start.  She'll be damned if she's going to ask for any help, though.]

This didn't look too hard when I saw those kids doing it on that TV show... so it should be easy for me!

2. [An hour or so in, and things aren't going so well.  Squid Girl now has two piles of lumber - one untouched, and the other consisting of boards with nails sticking out of them at odd and dangerous angles, and some of them snapped clean in half.  She now has four hammers in her tentacles, and looks quite a bit more frustrated than when she started.]

Stupid wood!  Why won't it stay together?  I bet it's because I'm using these inferior human tools!

3. [Even later on, as the sun is starting to hang low in the sky, Squid Girl has given up completely.  There's broken wood and rusty nails strewn all over the yard, hammers just lying there in the grass.  She doesn't really seem to notice or care, though, as she floats on her back in the saltwater pond Hajime made for her.]

I'll just use this as my base!  Then I won't have to build anything!

((OOC: Squid Girl is subject to the Father's Day event, and to any guy.  Have fun!))
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[Squid Girl's been hanging out at home for most of this event, having not received a letter herself and being more or less totally useless anyway without her squid abilities.  But Luna Lovegood has been droned, and she was actually starting to like her a little bit, so she's taking to the phones to complain.]

[Phone; unfiltered]

Attention, people of Mayfield!  I know you're probably all still busy beating each other up and everything, but I have something way more important to talk about!  Luna went home today, and her drone is really stupid and boring, so I've decided to hold tryouts for a new big sister.  You have to be willing to take orders from me, and your duties will include the following: preparing saltwater baths, buying and cooking shrimp and lobster, and fighting sharks.  Benefits include being spared from the invasion when I conquer the world for oceankind, since I'll need some good servants to do things for me anyway.  Call me back if you're interested, okay!

((ETA: Tagbacks will come a little later this evening~))
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[Squid Girl's been getting progressively more annoyed with all this prom talk.  As near as she can tell from listening in on phone conversations and around town, it's some weird human mating dance, which means she's not interested at all.  Instead, she's been derping around town like she do, and has discovered the wonder of fire hydrants.  Don't ask why or how, but she can be found in one of several situations:

1. Somehow, and for some reason, Squid Girl has managed to rip the cap off the side of the fire hydrant!  Unfortunately, she's standing directly in front of it when this happens, resulting in a situation rather like this:

cut for image )

2. She's recovered from the earlier surprise attack by the jet of water inside the hydrant, and has discovered that she's able to aim the water if she sits behind it and uses her tentacles to turn it from side to side.  Unfortunately, she's not really looking at what she's aiming at, so it's very possible that your character is about to be hit with a pressurized blast of water.  Look out!

3. Having replaced the cap on the side of the hydrant, Squid Girl has now torn the top off instead.  There is water spraying up into the air all over the place, and she's dressed in a white swimsuit running around like an excited little kid playing in a sprinkler in their back yard.  Except it's a huge sprinkler shooting water several feet into the air at high speeds, so it's even better.]
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[Springtime has arrived, and it's high time Squid Girl and Taiwan got on with their plan of raising environmental awareness about the state of the world's oceans!  Clearly this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed by the citizens of Mayfield, despite their utter lack of proximity to any large bodies of water!  But such petty logic has not dissuaded our champions of ecological responsibility on this fine spring day, and so they can be found going around town all day long enthusiastically handing out and hanging up flyers all over town.

Squid Girl is dressed up in a magical girl costume rather reminiscent of something out of
Pretty Cure, and Taiwan is wearing this charming pink getup.  It's also really easy to tell which flyers were drawn by which of them, as half of them are just derpy-looking crayon drawings of squid, lobster, and crabs with big goofy looking googly eyes and smiles, and the other half have well-drawn pictures of moe-looking anthropomorphic sea life with cute Engrish slogans like 'Protect Environments Love,' 'Let's Cleaning! Fight!' or 'Yes! Save Water Creature!' (shamelessly yanked from Yana's previous posts about this).  Some of Taiwan's flyers also have pictures of Squid Girl in her Cure Marine costume accompanied by a cute little lobster sidekick with a pink bow.

Whether you're talking to Squid Girl or Taiwan, they'll probably just shove a flyer in your face and say something like this:]

Here!  Take one of these flyers!  They're for ocean awareness!

((OOC: There will be no particular posting order for responses, just to keep things flowing.  We'll each just tag whatever, and if you're having a conversation with one of them, the other might threadjack in halfway through!  For maximum lulz potential.))
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[Action; pool; Sunday]

[Squid Girl has her full amazing squid powers back, so she's decided to use them in her favorite hobby ever - trolling the crap out of humans and scaring them.  All day on Sunday, she can be found in the pool at the rec center, but not anywhere readily visible to anyone who isn't looking.  Instead, she's taking advantage of her newly regained ability to breathe water and sitting on the bottom watching people swimming around above her.  There's a couple of different scenarios you might run into her in:

1. You're swimming along in the pool, when suddenly there's a momentary blue pulse of light from the bottom just out of the corner of your eye.  When you look, there's nothing down there.  Investigate?

2. Suddenly, something cold and slimy snakes around your leg and starts to pull you under!  What do you do?

3. Maybe you're the adventurous type and are already diving underwater.  Bad move, because now Squid Girl is all up in your face spitting ink at you!  How will you survive this sudden assault?]
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[Action; around town]

[Squid Girl's got a new project she's working on, so today she's excitedly running around town sidelining random people on the streets to see if they want to help her out.  She might also be coming up to your door and knocking excitedly.  Special attention is paid to mousy, shy, or nervous looking types, but she's harassing more or less everyone she can find about this.]

Hey, hey!  Do you want to be in a movie?  My neighbor and I are making one, and it's gonna be great!

[Action for 1245 Williams Road]

[She also pays a visit to Taiwan's place in particular, because she's pretty sure she's gonna need a favor from her to make this thing go off without a hitch.  So she's knock-knock-knockin' on your door too.]

Taiwan!  Are you home?
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[Well, it seems the horrible human plague of high fevers and sweaty palms is finally over, so Squid Girl has crawled out from under her covers to conquer Mayfield anew!

Phone; unfiltered )

Action for 1245 Williams Road )

Open action; streets of Mayfield at night )
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[Today after school lets out, Squid Girl can be found on the front lawn of 452 Stone Street doing some combat practice - or rather, that's what she thinks she's doing.  To the casual observer, it looks more like she's dangerously flailing ten kitchen knives all over the place with her tentacles while yelling various things.]

"Hah!  Take that!  Feel the power of my Ten Bladed Whirlwind technique!"

[She alternates through a couple of different routines: stabbing wildly at thin air, hurling the knives into a nearby tree before reaching out with her tentacles to draw them back out again, and just spinning them around in a dangerous circle all around her body.  Someone might want to stop her before she hurts herself or somebody else.]


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